Who Can Practice Meditation?

Anyone and everyone of any age, sex, or racial group can meditate. There are no restrictions, and it can have benefits even for children. If you have never tried to meditate you may not feel qualified. If you have tried it but are out of practice or felt self-conscious then you may be hesitant to try again. Do not feel hesitant, you really cannot do it wrong and the more you practice the better you will become. No one started out perfectly, and even those who have been meditating daily for years find new ways to improve their focus and experience. Meditation is great for the mind when it comes to calming anxious thoughts and clarifying situations but did you know it is good for the heart and the rest of the body's physical symptoms? Look it up, the benefits of regular meditation are vast and all you need to do is yourself.

Check back often at our lifestyle blog for more information on meditation, inspiration and motivation for de-stressing and living your best life, and interesting tidbits about the planet. We strive to spread good news, truth, and happiness because there is never enough, and despite what the news may tell you there is a lot to be happy about and there are a lot of good people here on Earth. Swami, Karasananda has been practicing meditation for over 40 years. She knows teaching others her methods can spread positivity and joy and teach each person to have accountability for their own spiritual well being. Start meditating today and enjoy courses available here at the blog as they evolve with time. Be sure to take the current classes that are up and going. We look forward to growing on the journey of meditation and choosing joy in life with each of our readers and participants in the class.

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