Positive Lifestyle

A Positive Lifestyle is Not About Keeping Your Head In the Sand. Instead, it is About Recognizing That Life is Not All Positive But We Can Choose To Spread the Good.

A positive lifestyle has far-reaching effects that may surprise you. Most people understand that a bad attitude is highly contagious. If a parent snaps at their child in the morning the child is more likely to snap at their peer on the bus, and that peer is likely to be rude to their teacher, and the teacher, in turn, may wonder why they try and offer less enthusiasm, and the attitude will reach its way into many households of her students at the end of that day. It is a sad truth. But there is another side to this. Intentional positivity is just as contagious, it is just not as easy to track and follow as a bad attitude because people show peace and joy in such a wide variety of ways. A bright smile can literally turn someone's day around when it is heartfelt. A true compliment can be spread from the original person to every person that gets to see the glow on the recipient. A good attitude at breakfast may turn into a moment helping another pick up their books, a shared muffin at the lunch table, and a hug to the teacher when she looks blue turning the cycle around. Intentional positivity is powerful and real.

Learn more about the art of enjoying a positive lifestyle at our positivity blog. The Positivity Tree is all about healing and embracing the joy we can out of life. No, life will never be perfect but we can be the part of someone else's day that is bright and we can in turn branch out into our own lives and our own soul with a tree with deep roots, many limbs, and endless leaves of joy.