WHAT IT MEANS AND HOW TO GET THERE By Kathryn Romani (Swami Karasananda)

Ever experience a serendipitous sequence of events that produced a seemingly uncanny, positive outcome? That’s called being "in the flow of life.” Sometimes these happenings are small. For example, I’ve found a $100 bill in the street when I needed money most. I’ve also gotten a one-in-a-million parking spot right in front of my destination when there was no place else to park and arriving on time was critical. These instances removed the hurdle I was facing at that moment. Other times these instances are big — life-changing, even — like how I moved to a completely new city and had someone offer me the perfect place to live just a week before my move. This removed a mountain of stress and logistics for me! Or how I volunteered my time and energy to help an organization set up their entire computer printing system and months later they asked me to be their executive editor. The good flowed full circle!

SO, WHERE DO WE START TO GET "IN THE FLOW"? It starts by realizing there TRULY IS a flow to life. When you are in the flow, you experience “ease of well-being.” That’s when the Universe automatically provides what you need when you need it. When you are in the flow, you experience an outward flow of love and goodwill toward all and you act upon it. You feel a natural tendency to want to give, to offer help and to be of service to others. When you feel that way, you are living in the flow of life and ​the Universe reciprocates by allowing blessings to flow back to you.​ You are, in essence, receiving back the same kind of positive energy that you are putting out into the world. In today’s society, there is a clear imbalance occurring. Mankind has gone against its natural tendency to give with an open heart and, instead, often strives to “get as much as possible.” That selfish outlook is at the root of many modern day problems. Just as being positive attracts ease of well-being to you, maintaining a selfish or self-serving attitude attracts negativity, problems, complications, stress, obstacles, chaos, etc. to you.

This notion is important because when things repeatedly do not turn out the way you want them to or one thing after another goes wrong, it’s an indication that your goals and agendas are probably going against the flow of life. When this happens, life is like constantly trying to swim upstream which makes everything you do feel exhausting and much harder than it has to be. The good news is you can align your goals to get back into the flow. You can assess your life and reset your values so that positive aspects such as caring, goodness, kindness, compassion, empathy and giving (without any expectations) are at the core of your thoughts and actions.

When this happens, your life will automatically change for the better. It will be like someone opened up the floodgates to joy, peace, and contentment. Opportunities will fall into your lap just by the Universe arranging for you to be in the right place at the right time. Your intuition will instinctively kick in to guide you toward what is in your best interest. You will be IN THE FLOW OF LIFE!

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