When I think about 2021, the word “cleansing” comes to mind. Cleansing has so many great connotations: Fresh beginning. Leaving baggage behind. Clearing the mind. Pure intentions. Purging the unnecessary.

On this topic of cleansing, I wanted to share a few positive-minded tips on how we can cleanse both body and mind to feel restored.


Creating a self-care routine is a way to show yourself some love in 2021! Ever try skin brushing? It’s a dry-brushing techniques done on the skin — our largest organ — using a long-handled natural bristle brush. It sloughs away dead skin and makes it feel smoother, boosts blood circulation, and just plain feels great! Brushing skin while it’s dry helps your skin retain its moisture.

To dry-brush: Begin at the feet, then work your way upwards to the ankles, calves, knees, thighs and so forth. On your limbs, use long strokes. On your torso and back, use a circular motion. Be sure to keep pressure light if your skin or specific areas are sensitive to the brushing. Then shower afterwards to rinse away all the dead skin cells.


Clearing your mind from negativity makes room for fresh, positive thinking. If you’re clinging on to unfavorable feelings (anger, resentment, jealousy, etc.) from 2020 or years prior, make an effort to let it go. Here are suggestions on how to do it:

Try journaling by writing out your thoughts and feelings versus holding them in. It’s a practice that enables you to self-reflect and also has the power to lower anxiety and stress. Journaling is a healthy way to express yourself, especially when you feel overwhelmed.

Consider writing a letter to yourself or someone else to express whatever it is that you need to express. Jot down any feelings of hatred, disgust, aggravation, etc. that are bringing you discomfort. Allow yourself to get emotionally involved in order to get those feelings out. Upon completing the letter, put it away for a day, then read the letter out loud to yourself. Try to see the situation from the other person’s perspective or ask yourself if you did everything you could do, under those circumstances given the knowledge you had at that time. Chances are, you did. Then rip up the letter; NEVER EVER SEND IT or show it to anyone else. This exercise is about acknowledging your feelings and then allowing yourself to move on.

Conduct the forgiveness ritual, a profoundly effective way of letting go, healing old wounds and moving on with your life. This is a ritual conducted with only you physically present. It is especially useful in forgiving parents or siblings for offenses from childhood and forgiving or asking forgiveness from someone who passed away. There are a few specific steps to complete the ritual, which you can find here.


Taking a break from technology can be the simple refresh you needed. Our devices (phone, tablet, laptop) have a way of sucking our time and energy. When you head out some place, consider not taking devices along for the ride or turning them off to feel more in-the-moment and focused.

Ideas on things to do during your digital detox: • Hand-write a letter to a friend; a mindful and meaningful activity that will surely be appreciated by the recipient • Plant an indoor garden; growing your own microgreens is rewarding (and tasty!) • Visit a nature park, take a walk or go for a bike ride, as weather permits; the outdoors can feel so refreshing • Organize old pictures; good memories bring joy


Your aura is the energy field surrounding your body. Like a magnet, it picks up energy from your emotions, how you are physically feeling, your environment and psychic debris from other peoples’ negativity. When you feel out of balance, frustrated, tired, run-down or troubled, and you don’t know why, it may be that your energy field (aura) is weakened. To get rid of all of the negative energy residue that your aura has collected, just take a few moments to cleanse your aura. Instructions can be found here.

Once you flush away toxins of all kinds both inside and out, you can feel “lighter,” happier, less emotionally and physically run down and less distracted. Here’s to cleansing and keeping positivity flowing.

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