Lots of us like to start every new year with a shiny new list of things we want to accomplish. I'm no different. However, by the time mid-Summer rolls around it's good to go back to the goals you set for yourself back in January and check if you're on course. If the answer is yes, then keep up the great work! If not, it's ok. You can course correct if those same goals are still a priority in your life. Or set new goals if the ones you had no longer suit where you're heading.

Another tip is that you might not remember what you goals are. I post mine on social media during the time when my friends and family are also sharing what they hope to get done in the new year. So, if I cannot recall, I can just look back and see what I posted.

When I looked back, here is what I set out to do this year (in no particular order):

(1) Get comfortable with being uncomfortable... to push my boundaries and growth opportunities. (2) Make intentional moves that impact outcomes versus leaving important matters to chance. (3) Create more amazing family moments while being more present. (4) Declutter my home. (5) Reject old thinking or habits to keep life moving forward. (6) Take a lesson away from every failure. (7) Close the door on anything that generates drama.

Remember: Every new year brings the blessing of continuing this wonderful journey called life, where every day is a new chance to do something better and different than the day before.

Overall my biggest realization when I go through any goal-setting exercise is that if you're not happy with what's happening in your universe, change what's troubling you. You're in control and life is a participation sport. So get off the sidelines, get into the game, and get what you're aiming for. That's a message useful all year, every year!

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