You do not have to be an experienced meditator to do this exercise. Anyone can do it. The directions are easy to follow. This is a “feel good” meditation. This meditation is very powerful in creating a more positive outlook. It is also especially beneficial for those who have low self-esteem or low self-worth.

PURPOSE: To cause you to totally focus on one object - an object of beauty - and to become so engaged in its beauty that you see it, feel it, and become one with the beauty.

Is the moon beautiful to itself? No. It is beautiful in the eyes of the person looking at the moon. If being perceived by the physical senses is what gives beauty to an object, this means that beauty is really in the mind of the beholder rather than in the object itself. For example, a fragrant blossoming rose is beautiful to most people, but to a person who is allergic to roses, it can be an object of fear. The rose is still a rose, it did not change; the perspective of the beholder is different.

But, can we sense beauty if there is nothing to be perceived? Does the mind know that it is the source of beauty even if it has nothing to see or touch? The union between the object of beauty and the perceiver of that beauty transcends all explanation. What we end up with is the internal “feeling” of beauty. Beauty is ever present, but in order to perceive it, we simply have to empty from ourselves all that is not beautiful.

In this meditation, with every breath we take in, with every heartbeat, and with every sensation, we experience beauty until we become so saturated that we ourselves become beauty – that’s when the object of beauty and the beholder of beauty merge into one.

This meditation incorporates visualization. Sit up straight so that your spine is erect. Do the “Resurrection Breath” by taking in a deep breath, turning your head over your left shoulder and doing a quick, double exhalation over your left shoulder (exhale with a bit of force so that your breath makes a “HA-HA” sound). Then face forward.


• Close your eyes. Think of one single object of beauty (something alive, like a flower, but not a person). Picture it right before you. Notice its color, shape, texture, size, fragrance, move around it and see it from all different angles. See how the light creates highlights and shadows, feel its beauty, feel its wonderfulness, feel the joy it brings you to imagine this object in your mind’s eye. Let your perception come closer and closer. See yourself as very tiny and sitting in the center of this object. Feel your perspective change so that you are inside the object looking out.

• You are part of the object of beauty and it saturates you with its beauty. Feel how lovely and comfortable it is to be surrounded by beauty. Feel yourself filled with beauty. Now take a deep breath and breathe in that beauty and hold it as long as comfortable. Bask in that beauty.

• Now visualize beauty as a beam of light radiating from your heart to everyone you love. See them all filling with beauty. Send the light out to all your family and friends. Send it out to everyone in the country. Send it out to everyone living on planet Earth. Then send it out to Mother Nature – to Planet Earth herself - and see the planet engulfed in a beautiful light. Realize that this beauty has restorative power and you are the creator of this beauty. Bask in the beauty and when you are ready, mentally give thanks to the Universe in your own words and open your eyes.

• This meditation will open your horizons so that you will begin to feel — at a gut level — that it is possible for such blessings and beauty to come into your life. The more often you do this meditation, the greater self-worth you will feel and the more often good things will automatically come to you based on the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that if you surround yourself with beauty and positivity, you will attract more beauty and positivity into your life (simply put, you will attract the same kind of energy that you put out into the Universe, which is why being a conduit and catalyst for good is so important).

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