by Swami Karasananda (Kathryn Romani)

THE EARTH'S HUM: OM is the sound of the Universe – like a cosmic hum – that is always present, everywhere in the Universe. When we chant OM, we produce a vibration that merges with the OM vibration of the Universe. Chanting OM enables us to establish a connection between ourselves and Universe.

In 1934, Admiral Bird spent many months alone on an Expedition in Antarctica. He recorded in his diary that in the middle of the night when no animals were around and there was no wind, he could hear the earth itself emitting a humming sound that sounded like “Om.”

Om is pronounced like O-oo-m. Feel the “O” in the throat, feel the “oo” in the mouth, and feel the “mmm” in the lips. The entire word in chanted as one sound. OUR VERY OWN VIBRATION: Every person has a vibration and this vibration can be expressed in terms of a musical note. If you chant OM often, you will find yourself chanting it at one particular musical note because your energy resonates in harmony with that note.If you can use a keyboard to identify that note, you will discover your own personal vibratory note. People find themselves attracted to music played in that same key as their personal note; it can be very soothing.

REPEATEDLY CHANTING OM: Om can be chanted aloud or silently within your mind. It has a greater calming effect when it is chanted aloud. It is chanted relatively slowly so that each of the three parts of the word can be experienced. OM is chanted 108 times according to Buddhist practices. People use mala beads, which is a string of 109 beads with a tassel wrapped around the end bead. The tassel marks the beginning and end of the beads; no chant us done on the end bead. The 108 chants represent one chant for each of the 108 nadis (mini-energy points) along your spine. Since each nadi is responsible for sending life-force energy into a specific sector of your physical body, by chanting 108 times, you are activating the energy in every cell of your entire physical body. OM can also be chanted in repetitions of 3x, 7x, or 12x. Choose the number of repetitions that is most meaningful to you or that fits your time schedule.


The reason meditators chant OM is because it automatically balances their emotions which enables life to unfold more harmoniously. By chanting OM, it will help you to feel connected to the Universe — like you are a part of life, rather than “apart from life.” Chanting OM helps your everyday life to “go with the flow” rather than against it. And this energy brings greater balance into every aspect of your life. By chanting OM, all of the cells of your body, mind and soul vibrate in the same wavelength as the sound you are chanting. Once attuned with this vibration you connect with everything resonating on that plane of existence. It’s like tuning a radio. When you are in the right frequency (OM) your reception is perfect. OM is the universal sound, so when you chant OM, you merge with all energy and all life forms. When you are tuned in, you will merge with the Universe’s energy to feel a level of contentment and peace that transcends the limits of the normal mind.

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