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Step into her booth at the Farmer's Market in Cedar Lake, IN on a Wednesday and you'll be able to meet the creative fashionista and visionary behind the name Free Spirit Gypsy Soul Clothing. Her name is Jennifer Urbanczyk and she's doing so much good in this world. For starters, she launched a local business that helps boost the prosperity of the community and provides people with wearables they can't get any place else. Jennifer sells fashions with a conscience. She's helping to save the environment by upcycling apparel and giving items a fun, eye-popping or artsy twist. Whether it's her plaid flannels with a free-flowing bleach effect, kimonos with a vintage vibe, fun concert tees, screen tees with sassy sayings, or headbands with must-have-prints, there's lots to explore and shop! To give back to those who support her business, Jennifer gives away a FREE bracelet as a gift with every purchase.

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I stopped by to visit with Jennifer and ask her about designing group tees for an organization to which I donate my time. She does do group orders. In fact, here are some ideas around where her creativity can make YOUR next function, event or gathering truly memorable: • Bachelorette party: All the ladies in your group can wear bold statement tees that stand out while enjoying a fun night out!

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• Sports team: Now you can have custom tees that let the opposing team know you're coming in to WIN!

• Concert goers: For those friends who love road tripping to see your favorite band, Jennifer can come up with a design that's a real crowd-pleaser!

• Church function: Support your faith with a design and words that support the spirit of fellowship. • Marathon: Everyone on your running team can wear matching tees with a design that goes the extra mile! As if operating her business and being a full-time mom wasn't enough, Jennifer also donates her time to helping children with cancer and works at local fundraisers to turn her time and energy into donations that can fund and inspire more positivity in our world.

If you're wondering where you can get a glimpse of her latest creations, join the Free Spirit Gypsy Soul Clothing group on Facebook. If you want to place an order, you can call Jennifer at 219-201-0364. She ships anywhere in the U.S. and would love to assist in designing one-of-a-kind apparel for you!

Learn about another outgoing woman putting positivity into our world, Karen Scheeringa-Parra, founder of Hearts In Motion. What Hearts In Motion does: • Assists in the development of social programs to improve health, education and welfare of the people they serve in the United States, Central and South America

• Complements resources already in place while respecting the culture of those whose lives it touches

• Brings together compassionate volunteers who choose to make a difference by extending loving support to those they serve

• Creates opportunities for individuals to participate in short term mission experiences in the U.S., Central and South America, enhancing the lives of people in poverty. Get more info now!

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