Background on Positive Affirmations and Why They Matter The Universe is like a giant net of energy. Each person is attached to the net. The net’s energy affects all of the Universe, including mankind, and the energy of each person affects the net. This is how and why each person can have a positive or negative effect upon another person, group of people, our environment or even Mother Nature. Affirmations create a positive energy which can be specifically directed toward someone (or something) for a stated purpose.

How You Can Send Love to Mother Nature Through Positive Affirmation

For most of human history, man lived in harmony with nature. Our modern age destroyed the balance in ecosystems and now Mother Nature struggles to retain a healthy global stability.

What can we do? Besides recycling, adopting green living practices, and supporting sustainable farms and businesses, we can also send loving energy to heal Mother Earth. This affirmation directs the positive energy of your love and gratitude for all you have to Mother Nature. This is one way that you can DO something about the situation and make a positive difference. Follow these three simple steps:

1. Think about all of the blessings that Mother Nature has showered upon you throughout your life. Food, water, air, earth, sunshine, the beauty of nature, etc. Allow yourself to feel thankful for those blessings.

2. Put your love and gratitude out into the Universe by making the following affirmation, in your own words:

“I am grateful to Mother Nature for all of the blessings she has given me. I send my Love to Mother Nature. May she have everything she needs to be vibrant and balanced. May world leaders be lifted up in the consciousness of Unity and inspired to take positive action to rebalance Mother Nature. For this I am most grateful.” 

3. Repeat this affirmation as often as you choose. The positive energy created by your affirmation of love and gratitude will, in turn, have a positive effect upon Mother Nature according to the Universal Law of Attraction. Simply put, the Universal Law of Attraction states that positive energy attracts more positive energy (on the flipside, the same goes for negative energy attracting more negative energy... which is why it's so important to try and keep your words, thoughts and actions grounded in good).

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