Goal setting is powerful because it’s essentially planning for a more positive future for yourself. Once you set your mind toward achieving, you just need your actions to follow. Setting goals is an active commitment to yourself that you will try your best to follow through. Goals can enhance various aspects of your life, from home and relationships, to work and well-being. Although January was prime time to create a list of things you want to accomplish, by February you might find yourself starting to stumble. Often, it’s not that you don’t want to reach your goals badly enough or don’t have the willpower, you just need to adjust our plan a bit to make it more manageable or more rewarding. Here are some tips to help you stay on track and achieve: 1. Be crystal clear with your goals. Sometimes your goals can be wrapped within other goals which gets convoluted and makes it hard to achieve. For example, “I’ll change my eating habits, start juicing, and lose 15 pounds.” Those are several goals rolled into one. If you don’t follow through with one, your whole plan falls apart. Instead, get really specific and say something like, “I will juice at least 3 times per week.” This clear, simple goal is now easier to digest (no pun intended) and act upon.

2. Stay accountable by communicating your goals with friends and family. Saying goals out loud is a verbal affirmation to yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS! When you tell others that you are trying to reach a goal, they are able to support you and cheer you on. Their support can come through positive texts, encouraging posts on social media, or uplifting phone calls. After all, your friends and family are your biggest fans. They want to see you succeed. Outreach from loved ones may be just the push you need to make it to the proverbial finish line.

3. Take small steps that will get you to big results. It’s a goal, which means there’s a path to get there. If you started out the year by setting your expectations really high, try a different and more realistic approach — give yourself time and space to take/make the journey. Things don’t happen overnight so don’t let slower-than-you-imagined progress discourage you. As long as you’re taking one small step each day, or every few days, to get closer to your goal, you are moving in the right direction and doing great.

4. Set milestones and celebrate YOU! During your goal-getting journey, celebrate milestones that acknowledge how far you’ve come. If your goal is finding a new job, celebrate when you’ve got 5 interviews set up. Trying to be more active? Celebrate when you’re logging 12,000 steps per day on your fitness tracker app. The reward doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Your reward can be a restful, well-earned weekend of pampering (bubble bath, aromatherapy, skincare, etc.). It can be indulging yourself in exotic coffee you’ve been longing to try. Enjoying a long-overdue movie night. Treating yourself to something small like a new, exciting audio book or something larger like a kitchen gadget or appliance you’ve been eyeing. Either way, knowing something fun is in store for you will give you added motivation to reach those milestones.

Now that you have a few added tips to ground you back in your goals, you can refocus on what you wish to accomplish. Setting personal expectations and reaching them builds confidence and your own personal sense of accomplishment. You have the potential to push yourself to do what you’ve been dreaming. With a positive outlook, you CAN do it!

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