About the Aura

The Aura is an energy field the surrounds humans and all life forms. It appears as light that emanates from the body and encloses it. Some psychics and holistic medicine practitioners have the ability to see the size, color and type of vibration of a person’s aura. Each color represents a different level of vibrational energy. For example, a purple aura represents a person who is intuitive, attuned to the moods of others, very sensitive and emits a healing energy — meaning, others feel better just being around this person.

There is a type of photography that reveals a visible, colored "aura" around the individual being photographed called Kirlian photography. Kirlian photography is fascinating! I had an aura photo taken when I was going through a rough period in life and a dark red cloud surrounded my head, indicating confusion and anger. Two years later, after emotionally letting go of negativity, learning to meditate and living a peaceful yoga lifestyle, blue and white colors surrounded my head. These colors indicated tranquility, kindness and deep perception. I felt that I had made emotional and spiritual progress over those 2 years and it was comforting to see the Kirlian photography confirm it. (Google "human aura photography" to see examples of Kirlian photography.)

Your aura collects energy from the people you interact with and from your everyday environment. This is why just being around a certain person can lift your spirits or pull you down. When you feel out of balance, frustrated, tired, run-down or troubled and you don’t know why it may be that your energy field (aura) is weakened with the residue of negative energy. To get rid of all of the negative energy residue that your aura has collected, just take a few moments to cleanse your aura.

Rainbow Aura

Benefits of Aura Cleansing

The aura cleansing technique will:

1) Keep you physically and mentally energized.

2) Keep you feeling positive, grounded and balanced.

3) Remove emotionally-charged energy that you may have picked up from a stressful environment or from dealing with people who have a negative, unloving attitude.

First Technique

• Sit on a straight-back chair with your spine erect. To yourself, state: “My intention is to cleanse my aura.”

• Visualize your aura as a white light extending 3 feet around you. This is your personal electromagnetic forcefield.

• Visualize a giant comb made out of wood, metal or light.

• Imagine the comb combing upward from 3 feet below your feet through the front of your aura to 3 feet above your head. When you reach the top, shake out the comb. Imagine all of the negative energy disintegrating. Mentally swing the comb back to 3 feet below your feet WITHOUT combing your aura. (Never comb downward because you want to always lift your energy.)

• Repeat the process one more time, this time combing the back of the aura from 3 feet below the feet to 3 feet above the head. Again, shake out the debris and imagine it dissolving. Mentally say: “For this aura cleansing, I give thanks.”

• You should feel lighter. Your aura is now cleansed.

• Do an aura cleansing once a day for best results or whenever you feel out of sorts.

Second Technique For those who prefer a longer, more detailed aura cleansing technique:

• Do the technique described above, but imagine yourself standing on the face of a clock. Your nose is at the 12 o’clock position. • Comb the aura upward from 3 feet below your feet at the 12 o’clock position to three feet above your head. Shake the comb. Dissolve the unwanted debris. • You will be moving the counter-clockwise around your body, so swing the comb back to 3 feet below your feet and comb upward at the 9 o’clock position (your left side). Repeat at the 6 o’clock position (your back side). Repeat at the 3 o’clock position (your right side). • Finish by combing upward at the 12 o’clock position again, shaking off and disintegrating all debris and saying, “My aura is cleansed; for this I give thanks.”

Note: One aura technique is no better than another. Choose the technique version that feels right to you. ABOUT SWAMI KARASANANDA (KATHRYN ROMANI)

Meditating for over 40 years, she is a down-to-earth teacher who makes complex metaphysical subjects understandable and useful in the practical world. She graduated

from the Temple of Kriya Yoga Seminary in Chicago, IL, and from its Meditation Teacher’s Training Program. She has taught classes in Meditation, Chair-Sitting Meditation, Happiness Workshops, Yoga Techniques for Stress Relief, Healing Power of Forgiveness and other uplifting subjects, as well as Mandala Art classes. She is also a Spiritual Healer who studied under Rev. Penny Donovan of Albany, NY and the Sacred Garden Foundation. Now, she is offering her knowledge, positive insights and healing energy to seekers along the path to enlightenment.

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