By Ella Miller

Being a positive person doesn’t mean you’re a ray of sunshine all the time. It means that no matter what happens, you have the right mindset to make it through life’s challenges and maintain an underlying level of "happy" in your life. It means that you are dedicated to maintaining your inner well-being and not just your outer well-being. I use the word dedicated because happiness takes work. It calls for making a long-term commitment to yourself that will

actively put you IN CHARGE of how you choose to deal with what life throws your way. Will you get angry or live with resentment? Or will you empower yourself to choose joy, solve your problems (so they are no longer problematic), and live with excitement and passion? It's really up to you! Check out these ways that you can create more happiness in your life starting now.



You cannot control every circumstance in life, but you CAN control your reactions to those circumstances. Instead of getting caught up in situations that are out of your hands, such as other people’s drama or new employee rules instituted in your workplace, you can choose to remain objective and actively exert your emotional intelligence by keeping calm and learning how to “move through” or adapt.

Examples: If other people’s drama is the issue, you can detach or distance yourself by reminding yourself that it is not your problem. They are experiencing the drama because they have a lesson to learn from it. You can be supportive, but don’t get emotionally involved. Choose to draw healthy boundaries so you don’t get dragged down by someone else’s negativity or attention-seeking behavior.

If it’s the new workplace rules that are ruffling employees’ feathers, you can choose to empathize with the rule-makers and why they instituted those rules in the first place. Then work within those rules to continue to achieve your career goals and objectives. That way, you remain in charge of your professional work-related destiny without getting involved in the emotional “us versus them” drama.

In either case, you’re in control and you are not giving away your emotional power to anyone or anything else.


Ever make pacts with yourself like, “If I can lose 20 pounds, then I will be happy”... “If I can get that promotion, then I will be happy”... “If I can buy that new car, then I will be happy”? When you do that, your happiness becomes contingent upon some life occurrence that may or may not happen. Instead, don’t postpone joy. Notice what you are already doing, right now, that makes you happy and do more of it. Or do it more often. Or do it for new reasons. Examples: Do you love baking? What kind of joy might come from baking cakes for a local food/soup kitchen and treating community members to your homemade desserts. Does gardening make you happy? What happiness might come from involving your children or grandchildren in the process and seeing the fun that blossoms from your team effort?

It’s great to set future goals for yourself, but don’t forget that you already have so much joy and many blessings right in front of you. They are worth celebrating RIGHT NOW.


Pouring your efforts into pleasing people who are never going to be satisfied by your actions can be exhausting, both mentally and physically. Making life decisions based on what other people expect you to do is a good way to lose yourself. It keeps you from experiencing what is fulfilling to YOU and brings about a nagging emptiness. You owe it to yourself to remember that your life is YOURS. You are not required to do and be what others expect. Don’t permit others to steal your joy! Instead, do what YOU believe is right — do what you believe will be for your highest good or the highest good of the overall situation.

Living your truth, and acknowledging your right to do so, leads to feeling more freedom, more fulfillment, and more happiness.

Life is a beautiful journey. May you have the power to easily understand what sparks happiness in you and open yourself up to attracting more of that into each and every day.

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